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Hardware Leasing

Problems with power supply, conditioning, physical security, switching and technical support might lead to considerable financial costs, cause irreparable damage to corporate business processes and reputation, and suspend the IT services. To minimize such risks, deploy your equipment in Softline data centers with everything necessary for providing IT infrastructure reliability and fault tolerance. If your company does not have its own equipment, we can lease it to you. The client is guaranteed to receive:

  • the best equipment from the leading global vendors;
  • security: the equipment is installed in Tier III data centers;
  • 24х7х365 monitoring and technical support.
  Dedicated server Hardware as a service
Hardware vendor selection No Yes
Fixed minimal leasing term No Yes
Deployment on the client premise No Yes
Custom configuration Yes Yes
24х7х365 technical support Yes Yes
Software leasing Yes Yes
Connection to Softline cloud (SaaS, IaaS, DaaS, PaaS) Yes Yes