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Services and Solutions for Mechanical Engineering

Creating an Engineering Document Archive

Coordinating the work of all the employees is very important on industrial enterprises. Specialists of engineering, process and planning departments spend a lot of time on finding the latest versions of documents and fixing the results of unauthorized changes in them. The electronic archive system allows optimizing the storage of engineering documentation, enables prompt access to the archive with great user experience. Softline offers the tools and services that make working with engineering documentation less time-consuming for the participants of design-to-manufacture processes.

Streamlining the Engineering Document Workflow

Many enterprises that use the electronic archive need to automate the document approval processes. The engineering document workflow project includes the automation of revision, approval and issuance of various types of documents (engineering, process and operation documentation) within the framework of design-to-manufacture processes.

PDM/PLM Implementation Projects

PDM and PLM systems combine the organizational and technical tools to provide product information management over its entire lifecycle: from design and manufacturing to decommissioning. PDM and PLM implementation allows to streamline the storage, search and re-use of project data, enables change and version management.