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Portal Solutions and Electronic Document Workflow

One of the main functions of IT is structuring a chaos of information and providing secure access to it. We help companies doing this with external and internal portals, create web sites and electronic document workflow systems based on Microsoft SharePoint Server platform.

Corporate Portal

  • Efficient communications without geographical and organizational limitations
  • Unified access to all internal corporate services with search, version management, workflows, tasks to name a few
  • Feedback on the latest and the most vital ideas, proposals, and information materials

Knowledge Management System

Designed to facilitate the knowledge management tasks, Management System enables standardization, distribution of knowledge as well as providing access. The system is an integrated web application connected to knowledge base that enables users to create documents, distribute them between domains of knowledge and access them.

Information Kiosks

Terminals designed to provide information to visitors, guests and employees. A sensor controlled web application provides access to general and corporate information. The solution increases the efficiency of information search and improves performance.

Education Portal

А portal for collecting, storing, creating and editing educational materials, with communication and distance learning capabilities.

KPI Management System

Helps to reduce time spent on KPI planning and calculation and to increase updated indicators delivery. Featured built-in reporting and makes KPI measurements more precise and transparent.

Municipal Services Portal

This solution helps authorities of all levels serving citizens better. Enabling to receive requests from citizens in the electronic form it shortens time of service proceeding.